The iPack® Rx Unit Dose Packager brings tabletop unit dose packaging technology into the 21st Century. With "no-crush" technology, an in-line bar code reader to verify the bar code on every package, 4 package lengths with a simple click of the mouse, pill drop sensor, patented universal feed disks, advanced design and engineering, no other tabletop packager can compare to the iPack® Rx.

Tabletop Packager

The iPack®Rx was engineered to overcome all the shortcomings of tabletop packagers. Starting with the patented universal feed disks and specially designed pill pathway, the iPack®Rx is the only tabletop feeder using "no crush" technology to virtually eliminate crushed tablets and capsules.

Multiple Package Lengths



The built in bar code verifier scans every package (both linear and 2D bar codes like DataMatrix or Aztec) ensuring that every package has a readable barcode. Package lengths of 1.25, 1.43, 1.67, and 2 inches can be selected on the fly with a simple click of the mouse - no tools or changing of material required. The included pill drop sensor eliminates wasted packages during packaging and the direct thermal printer avoids the need for print ribbon.

Advanced engineering design features independent computerized motor control of all moving parts allowing for unparalleled reliability and complete user control over all packager operations. See-through doors that halt operations when opened provide total user safety and swing out of the way for quick and easy material loading and cleaning.

The iPack®Rx is small, lightweight and can be installed by any pharmacy member. The included m:Print® Barcode Labeling Software allows for unlimited label templates and with an ancillary printer, also allows the system to print any size self-adhesive labels necessary for manual packaging, making the iPack® Rx a complete packaging solution for any pharmacy.

The iPack®Rx is also now available with the patented intelliCount® Automated Universal Feeder to allow for unattended packaging operations freeing pharmacy personnel to attend to patient care, not packaging operations. The intelliCount® Automated Universal Feeder automatically counts and feeds tablets and capsules into the iPack® Rx for fast and easy bar coded unit dose packaging.

No other tabletop packager can match the features and the value of the iPack® Rx.



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