iPack®Rx Unit Dose Packager

The iPack®Rx Unit Dose Packager offers the best features in bar coded unit dose packaging. Its advanced engineered design makes unit dose packaging easy as 1-2-3 for acute care hospitals, centralized facilities, institutional facilities, and repackaging facilities.

The iPack®Rx Unit Dose Packager is also now available with the patented intelliCount® Automated Universal Pill Feeder to allow for unattended packaging operations, freeing pharmacy staff to attend to other various tasks. The intelliCount® Automated Universal Pill Feeder automatically counts and feeds tablets and capsules into the iPack®Rx Unit Dose Packager for fast and easy bar coded unit dose packaging.


No Crush Technology

Our patented features reduces the rate of crushed pills in each unit dose package and eliminates empty packages between runs.

intelliCount® Automated Feeder

Unattended packaging ability with our patented pill feeder, guaranteed to save time.

4 Package Sizes

No toolkit required to change package sizes.  Choose a label template according to desired package size in the software, and you can package in 4 different sizes: 2″ x 2″, 2″ x 1.67″ 2″ x 1.43″ and 2″ x 1.25″.


  • Package in 4 sizes: 2.0″ x 1.25”, 2.0″ x 1.43”, 2.0″ x 1.67”, 2.0″ x 2.0” with only a mouse click (No hardware change required)
  • m:Print® Bar Code Labeling Software with complete drug databases available, including pill images and tallMAN lettering.
  • Optional intelliCount® Automated Universal Pill/Capsule Feeder
  • No Crush Technology—advanced engineering and patented design delivers delivers no crushed pills.
  • In-line Bar Code Verifier to scan each 2D or linear bar code on every package for accuracy.
  • Pill Drop Sensor prevents missed or empty packages.
  • Universal Pill Disc can package any size tablet or capsule no hassling with multiple discs.
  • Prints 2D and linear bar codes in all common symbologies.
  • In-line Direct Thermal Printer
  • Unlimited Custom Label Templates
  • Flexible Reports eliminating the need for manual logs
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • Automatic Job Number


Max Package Speed 

  • 48 packages per minute


  • 300DPI

Operating Modes

  • Direct Thermal
  • Thermal Transfer

Bar Codes

  • Linear and 2D Bar Codes, such as Aztec and Data Matrix


  • Paper/Foil
  • Amber Cello


  • Height: 14” // Width: 40” // Depth: 18”
  • Weight: 114 lbs.

Optimal Operating Space:

  • 65” from floor x 52”L x 18”D


  • 115VAC, 60Hz, 320VA & 230VAC, 50Hz, 320VA

Package Sizes:

  • 2.0” x 1.25”
  • 2.0” x 1.43”
  • 2.0” x 1.67”
  • 2.0” x 2.0”