The accurate, simple, affordable way to seal prescription medication in blister packaging. SafeSealRx® Unit Dose Heat Press is the revolutionary new way to enhance patient safety and increase your pharmacy operating efficiency. It seals prescription medications in 30, 60, and 90 day blister packs for accurate, sanitary and controlled distribution at hospitals, long-term care facilities, and retail pharmacies. SafeSealRx® Unit Dose Heat Press is manufactured in the USA, and will help you to meet all safety requirements, so you are compliant with new drug distribution laws. Every SafeSealRx® Unit Dose Heat Press is pre-programmed for ease of use—producing reliable results every time. The modern, compact design will naturally fit into your work environment and SafeSealRx® Unit Dose Heat Press can be cleaned and disinfected easily. It also includes a lifetime warranty. The remarkable SafeSealRx® Unit Dose Heat Press, technology at its best, is the best solution to heat sealing unit dose medications into blister cards for your patients.At Pearson Medical, everything we do to develop products revolves around increasing patient safety by reducing medication labeling errors. We know pharmacists have serious challenges to meet from reducing errors to reducing budgets. We are committed to continually work to develop life-saving and cost-saving systems to meet those needs

• Package 30/60/90 unit dose cards• Accurate• Easy to use• Lifetime warranty• Digital temperature control• Auto-timed release for perfect seal• Digital pressure display• Magnetic assisted lockdown with automatic release• Digital time and temperature controls• Platinum TRD heat sensor• Cast in tubular heating element every 1 5/8″ to ensure no cold spots• Quick change lower platen• 3/4″ thick Teflon® coated upper platen• Space saving clam shell design• Wide opening for easy layout• 3/16″ HRPO laser quality steel framework• 3/8″ Silicone rubber bottom pad

Electric:Available in 110v or 220vMachine Dimensions (Open Clamshell):Height: 26.5″Width: 15″Length: 22″Sealing Space:15″ x 11″Optimal Operating Space:Height: 26.5″Width: 26″Length: 30″ Shipping Weight:60 lbsShipping Dimensions:31″ x 21″ 21″