Pearson Medical Technologies introduces m:Print® 4.0 Bar Code Labeling Software

with 1-Click Print™ Technology​ and Rules-based Workflow

Who We Are

Pearson Medical Technologies: Revolutionizing Pharmacy Automation

At Pearson Medical, we specialize in advanced pharmacy automation solutions designed to enhance patient outcomes and streamline pharmacy operations. Our cutting-edge products include unit dose packaging equipment and m:Print® Bar Code Labeling Software, both tailored to improve safety and efficiency while minimizing medication errors and readmissions.

Innovative Labeling Solutions

Our m:Print® software is at the forefront of medication labeling, offering customizable solutions that comply with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act. The latest m:Print® Version 4.0 is easier to use and packed with features to ensure compliance with packaging and labeling standards, including 1-Click Print technology and a new rules-based workflow to optimize pharmacy prepackaging.

Commitment to Compliance

We are dedicated to ensuring that our technologies meet your pharmacy’s specific needs. Our team works closely with you to guarantee that our solutions are fully compliant and effectively integrated into your operations.

Advanced Technology

Pearson Medical Technologies provides advanced and innovative pharmacy automation technology designed to improve patient safety and pharmacy efficiency. Our commitment to innovation, quality service, patient safety, and the needs of pharmacists and patients are present in all our products and services.

Value Based Products

With over 50 years of experience and a pioneer in pharmacy automation, Pearson Medical Technologies creates safe and efficient medication packaging solutions, including bar coded unit dose packaging systems and pharmacy bar code labeling software.

Committed to Patient Safety

Pearson Medical Technologies commits to provide the most advanced pharmacy automation technology in order to ensure patient safety, reduce medication errors, and improve patient outcomes. Patient safety is our passion here at PMT.

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