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Pioneering Pharmacy Automation

Pearson Medical Technologies, LLC, provides safe efficient pharmacy automation and medication delivery solutions to hospital pharmacies and other health care providers worldwide. The Pearson family pioneered innovative pharmacy automation solutions beginning over 50 years ago. The history of our company began when an over-eager salesman interrupted Walter G. Pearson as he was manually counting pills to fill a prescription. “Mr. Pearson, I have the best product here since sliced bread,” said the salesman.

Aggravated that he had lost his pill count, Walter Pearson replied, “Well, if you think your product is good, then I am going to create a pill counter so I won’t get interrupted by salesmen.” Without missing a beat, the salesman replied, “If you do, I will sell it!” This was the genesis for the creative process that led to the first United States Patent granted in 1966 to Walter Pearson for what came to be one of the first automated high speed pill counters in the US — the Baker Cell® Pill Counter. Which became the standard for automated dispensing systems throughout North America for decades.

Headshot of Walter Pearson Sepia

Brent Pearson – President and CEO
Pearson Medical Technologies

Improving Patient Safety

Brent Pearson, the second generation of the Pearson family and the entire Pearson Medical Technologies team continue to pioneer smart, safe and efficient pharmacy automation and medication delivery solutions for unit dose packaging and more.  This includes developing the first stand-alone pharmacy bar code labeling software with a complete drug database with pill images, patenting “no crush” technology in the iPack® Rx Unit Dose Packager, and now releasing the completely updated in m:Print® Bar Code Labeling Software v4 which harnesses the power of rules-based workflow and the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).

With hundreds of hospital, retail, and long-term care pharmacies in the United States using one of Pearson’s unit dose packaging and multi-dose packaging systems, including the iPack® Rx Unit Dose Packager, intelliCount® Automated Universal Tablet/Capsule Feeder, m:Print® Bar Code Labeling Software, and the SafeSealRx® Unit Dose Heat Press, Pearson Medical has moved beyond “pill counting” to develop high value and affordable solutions for unit dose and other pharmacy packaging, bar coded pharmacy labeling, and medication delivery systems — all designed to meet the safety and efficiency requirements of hospitals, pharmacies, and patients of today.

Pearson Medical’s commitment to innovation, quality service, patient safety and the needs of pharmacists and patients is present in all our products and services.  Our company is dedicated to helping pharmacies improve patient care and optimize workflow.  We work closely with your pharmacy staff to ensure our solutions make it easy for you to provide quality care for your patients. Improving patient safety is our top priority – let Pearson Medical Technologies help you achieve it.

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