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How do the clearTag™ Bar Code Labels work?

The clearTag™ Thermal Transfer Label (flag label) allows pharmacies to put barcode labels on syringes, vials, ampoules, and other small surface items that are difficult to barcode. The clear stem allows adhesion to the oral syringe without obscuring the manufacturer’s text. These labels are freezer grade and will not smudge due to incidental contact with other substances in the pharmacy or condensation resulting from changes in temperature.

As an example, drugs delivered in the operating room do not have the same safeguard as medication in other parts of the hospital, where medication are closely verified beginning with the pharmacist to the nurse and then, administered to the patient. Barcoded syringe labels such as clearTag™ Labels offer a safe and accurate solution to reduce the rate of medication errors in the operating room.

Flexibility of label reduces tangles in medication carts.

Clear flag labels for vials, syringes, and ampoules.

Thermal transfer will not fade, scratch, or smear.

Features of clearTag™ Labels include:

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