DeBlister Manual Press

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How does the DeBlister Manual Press work.

Pearson Medical Technologies offers the simplest, portable, powerless, and safest deblistering product recovery machine. Its easy to use features make manually deblistering simple and easy. Blister packs are manually fed through the rollers by turning the handle, and tablets or capsules are gently removed from its packaging and separated into a collection drawer without any damage to the pill. The collection tray is easily removed for cleaning to prevent cross contamination from pill dust. The Deblister Manual Press’s non-slip safety pads are fully cGMP compliant and requires no electricity or air supply. This machine does not require additional deblistering tools or changing parts.


Portable, single change part. Easy to use. Easily adjusted.


Fully cGMP and easily cleaned


Ideal for small batches. Requires no electricity or air supply.

Features of DeBlister Manual Press from Pearson include:

manual deblister
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