DeBlister Semi-Automatic Press

D Blaster Semi

How does the DeBlister Semi-Automatic Press work?

Pearson Medical Technologies offers the simplest, semi-automatic, portable, and safe deblistering recovering machine. An electric eye detects when the blister pack is in position and a sensor activates the roller automatically. Oral medications are gently removed from the pack and separated into a collection drawer without causing any damage to the pills. The collection tray is easily removed for cleaning to prevent cross contamination from pill dust.

Maximize Space & Design

Portable and no air supply needed. Non-slip safety pads. Fully cGMP and easily cleaned

Reduces Risk

No foil contamination, pack material and product are collected separately. Designed to prevent cross contamination from pill dust.


Deblisters up to 40 packs per minute. Adjusts quickly for any push thru blister pack. Motorized feed with single change part.

Features of DeBlister Semi-Automatic Press from Pearson include:

Image of pill holder
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